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Knives and Tools

Our collection of knives, tools and tool maintenance equipment.

Stubai Branch Axe 350mm

 44.95  each

Stubai Large Axe 650mm

 64.95  each

Gerber Gator Combo Axe/Saw

 59.95  each

Gerber Spine Compact Fixed Blade Green

 39.95  each

Gerber Gator Folder Knife Serrated Edge

 44.95  each

Gerber Wingtip Clip Folding Knife Grey

 29.95  each

Gerber Asada Folding Knife Onyx

 48.95  each

Gerber Zilch - Black

 24.95  each

Commando Wire Saw

 3.95  each

100dB Emergency Survival Whistle

 2.95  each

Brass Survival Whistle

 2.95  each

Paracord Survival Bracelet

 3.95  each